A-Team Rogue Initiative: Nourishing The Future

Stay tuned for more information regarding this initiative for the Spring 2021 semester.

"According to our online survey of Rowan University undergraduate students distributed in November, 2017 nearly one in two (48%) students is considered to be “food insecure”. This means, for instance, that every other student reduces portion sizes so food will last longer, skips meals, or will not eat for an entire day or days because they cannot afford food" ((SHOC) Research Team, 2018).

Read the full report here: Food Insecurity among Rowan University Undergraduate Students Report

Students are spending tens of thousands of dollars to learn, but that is not possible if they are not well nourished. Fortunately, Rowan University has taken steps to address food insecurity on campus by implementing resources such as, the SHOP and Fresh For All. After analyzing the metrics provided to the Apprentice Engineering Team (A-Team) by the organizers of the SHOP and Fresh For all relating to the number of students using these services, the data revealed only a few hundred students per week have been using them since their inception on campus.

In an effort to help support the steps taken by the University, to reach a much larger population of people in need of food, and implement some of the recommendations provided by the SHOC Research Team, the A-Team has started its own student run “Rogue Initiative” focused on completely eradicating food insecurity at Rowan University, while also helping those in need within the local community.

Let's break the stigma around food insecurity and work towards cultivating a stronger Rowan family!

Where Can I Get Food?
The A-Team is providing food at Fresh For All every Friday from 10am - 11am in Lot D. Students can also help themselves to the food stored within our refrigerators located in the loading dock within Engineering Hall.

Want to help?
Please refer below to our volunteer sign-up sheet which indicates the dates, times, and number of people the A-Team needs to help on a given day.

  • On Tuesdays, the volunteers will help unload, sort, and store the delivery of food into the A-Team's refrigerators.
  • On Fridays, the volunteers will help set up a table and gives out food at Fresh For All.

  • Contact Information
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email our Logistics Manager, Fahed Shakil, at Shakilf9@students.rowan.edu.