A-Team Rogue Initiative: Supporting Women

Societal norms view discussing menstruation as taboo, but the A-Team does not agree with this perception. We acknowledge that women face a diverse set of challenges as it pertains to their body and the effects they experience due to their respective menstruation, while still being required to fulfill the daily demands of life. Besides the challenges and demands they face, the monetary costs of keeping a constant supply feminine hygiene products can be difficult especially when having to cover college related expenses. Women already have enough obstacles to face while in college and having to worry about saving enough money to afford a sufficient supply of a basic necessity should not be one of them. Though the A-Team cannot completely solve all the issues women face, we can assist in lessening some the burdens they face.

In an effort to support women and lessen the burdens that are associated with menstruation, the A-Team is consistently providing a wide variety of feminine hygiene products throughout all the women's bathrooms inside of Engineering Hall.

Other locations women at Rowan University may acquire feminine hygiene products if needed, can be obtained from, but not limited to:


Chamberlain Student Center

Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, & Conflict Resolution (SJICR)

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